Studying and paid on-the-job training program in the U.S

On the 27/06, Santa Ana Beauty College opened a seminar with topic " Study and working in the United States" in Saigon.

This seminar discussed about study aboard program with on the job training with paid in the U.S specifying in careers related to esthetic enhancement nowadays trend, such as: hair design, nail, facial, massage therapy and cosmetology.

With the present of Mrs.Ngọc Dung - director of the school, representing for various training centers related to cosmetology, aesthetic professionals, and other students and their parents; specially, Tom Mayer - representative lawyer of the school, presented the procedures and requirements for U.S Immigration.

Coming from Uinted States, Santa Ana Beauty College is endorsed by Cosmetology Arts and Sciences National Committee and licensed by the California Aesthetic State Board. Hence, Students can study not only from experient, enthusiatic professional, but from more than 60% time of real time practices, which can help students completely confident in their ability after graduating the course.

After graduation, students will achieve a certificate from Santa Ana Beauty college that will provide most of the current demands of the esthetic market in Vietnam. In addition to that, school will support students in applying for Social Security Number and State Board Certificate which is valid across the United States.