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AV Investment & Consultant Group
With the desire to bring joy and happiness to the elderly who have devoted and suffered many disadvantages in life. AV GROUP hopes that in the near future, the HOME CARE project is a home care project for the elderly with reasonable nutrition, effective training methods of a team of professional doctors and nurses that will help people, The elderly can reduce stressful medical conditions and maintain old-age health for the elderly.
Need to demonstrate to the interviewing officer that you are a student planning to study, stay, and have clear purpose of the study and understand of your school in the United States. Answer the questions clearly and straight forward: Most of the cases, the interviewes last only 3 to 4 minutes, you should not respond the answer like doing a test; you should be honest in your profile, in the period short interview you need to provide officals with as much information as possible.
On June 4th, U.S. Department of State will increase fee for applying non-immigration Visas. The new fee for Visa B-1/B-1, F, J and Border Crosssing Card will be increased to $140. Meanwhile the new fee for Visas H, L, O, P, Q và R will be raised to $150. For the applicants who have interview day on June 4th or then, must pay fee of $140 Đô la Mỹ before the interview day. For the applicants who had already paid $131 can pay the difference $9 right at the US Embassy on the interview day (US dollar only) For the applicants who have interview day on June 7th or then need to wait until June 4th or later to pay interview fee at Citibank.
As the leading education system, the United States has a lot of schools, including high schools, colleges and universities with high reputation and a full range of programs and degrees which are recognized internationally. Along with diversed cultures, effective learning and teaching methods, students will be able to quickly adopt with the living and learning environment in the U.S. The business fields: Business Administration, Marketing, Business, Fashion, International Trade, Financial Services Management.
Because each applicant has different situation, we will not have any sample answers on the specific profile. The following papers have been proven to be useful for applying for Visa. If a person is paying for the trip of the applicant, the applicant must have a letter from the sponsor stating the purpose of the applicant journey and financial evidence to prove that the sponsor has enough financial for the trip and other expenses of the applicant (for example, Finance Support Form I-134, tax returns, employment certificate, payday notice, certificate of bank account, etc.
Those who came to America for the purpose of visiting can apply for travel Visa. The name of this type of visa is called "B-2". Those who do not apply for a visa before coming to the United States may be refused to board the plane. An example to indicate the bounding relationship with Vietnam can be proved by the proof of residence with this country. Proof of employment, family constraints or other relationship, or house ownership paper works can satisfy these requirements. Important documents must be submitted along with your visa application.
You may be eligible to apply for a green card (permanent residence) through your family, job offer or your employer, refugee status, or some other special provisions. In some cases, you can even ask or make a permanent record on your behalf. Individuals want settlement (permanent residents) through family members are eligible, job offer or employer, or a special item will generally be classified according to the categories based on a priority system. Except for the direct relatives of a U.S. citizen is the highest immigration priority and a few other exceptions.
Consulate General of the United States has changed the form for a new nonimmigrant visa. New Visa Application Form DS-160 is completely online. This form is used to collect the necessary information of the non-immigrant visa applicants. Form DS-160 will automatically transfer the data to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Internet. In the interview, the consular officer will use the information on the Form DS-160 for processing visa applications and decide which applicants qualify for a nonimmigrant visa.