Required documents for Visas application

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Required documents for Visas application
AVConsultantgroup-required-documents-for-visas-applicationBecause each applicant has different situation, we will not have any sample answers on the specific profile. The following papers have been proven to be useful for applying for Visa. These are some common cases for Visa application:

Visas Work / Travel

- Journey applicant's trip to the United States, including name, address, and contact phone number in each city are needed for the interview.

- If a company sponsors trip  for the applicant, the applicant's labor contracts or business licenses, information about the company, a letter confirming the applicant's position in the company, working time, the applicant's work in the United States, and a sponsor for the applicant's U.S. trip need to be presented in the interview.

- If a person is paying for the trip of the applicant, the applicant must have a letter from the sponsor stating the purpose of the applicant journey and financial evidence to prove that the sponsor has enough financial for the trip and other expenses of the applicant (for example, Finance Support Form I-134, tax returns, employment certificate, payday notice, certificate of bank account, etc. )

- Information on careers, education, social relationships or family, and personal property of the applicant can demonstrate the applicant's binding in Vietnam.

Student Visas

For student visas, the interview officer will consider the applicant's circumstances aspects such as education, transcripts, financial capability of the applicant family, the applicant's long-term plans, as well as the intention to return to Vietnam.

- Applicant's Transcripts and degrees during the past schools;

- Scores from standardized tests required by the school, such as TOEFL or SAT;

- Proof of financial statements(eg: tax records, bank records, proof of income, business licenses, tax documents VAT, labor contracts) demonstrating that students, the parents or a sponsor has sufficient financial resources to cover tuition and living expenses during his / her studies in the United States;

- If the student's husband / wife and / or children who wish to apply for a visa together, these appicants have to submit a certificate of registration of marriage and / or birth certificate to prove their relationship with students .

- The students who need to come back to the U.S. to continue the program want to apply for Visa must submit written valid form (I-20) and all certified transcripts from the school in which the student is enrolled in the U.S. Students do not need to submit documents other than those listed above if the student's status has no significant change.
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